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Malco SRT2 Siding Removal Tool
Malco SRT2 Siding Removal Tool, 6-1/4 in L, Steel
Our Price: $7.99

Smooth unlocking motion of a burr free hook. Durable one piece spring steel construction is virtually indestructible. Blade is angled from the bottom plane of the handle. Easy to grasp non-slip textured handle grip with a 1/4" handy oversize hang hole in handle. Length: 6-1/4".
Malco FCFG Siding Facing Gauge
Malco FCFG Siding Facing Gauge, 5 in L, Nylon, Red
Our Price: $15.99

Manufactured of tough, long-lasting, weather-resistant nylon material. Use the facing gauge while working across the width of the plank for greater accuracy of the desired exposure and guards against sagging. The facing gauge may also be used in combination with the Malco Overlap Gauge [SKU#119.9975]  to prop up one end of the plank for one-person application. Adjustable for precise 5",  6", 7" or 8" exposures.
Malco SL5 Snap Lock Punch
Malco SL5 Snap Lock Punch, 1/2 in W x 3/8 in D Jaw, Alloy Steel, Red Vinyl Handle
Our Price: $19.99

Add snap lock plastic skirting and siding to finishing trim. Makes tabs in the cut edge of siding panel. Used as a finishing course at top of wall or below window. Tabs lock into utility trim. Punch raises a high projection to compensate for natural relaxation of vinyl plastic. It also works well on aluminum siding but is not recommended for steel. NOTE: Should not be used when PERMATABS are required to snap into finished trim. Throat depth is 3/8"; length is 9".
Malco FCG2 Overlap Siding Gauge With 5/16 in Fiber Cement Siding
Malco FCG2 Overlap Siding Gauge With 5/16 in Fiber Cement Siding, 6 in L X 5/16 in T, Steel, Silver
Our Price: $29.99

Strong, one-piece tempered spring steel construction with precision-ground tip assures gauge will grip behind siding plank. No adjustments to vary and nothing to mark. Will not mar finish of pre-painted siding. Works with 5/16" (7.9 mm) fiber cement siding. Permits 1-person application of panels. Two gauges support entire length of panel and precisely gauge a standard 1-1/4 inches (31.2 mm) overlap.
Malco Redline 5-Blade Pipe Crimper
Malco Redline 5-Blade Pipe Crimper, 1-5/8 in W X 1-5/8 in D Jaw, Soft-Touch Non-Slip Grip
Our Price: $37.99

A superior compound leverage mechanism offers maximum ease of operation. Comfortable opening, spring-actuated handles, give additional comfort and control. Ergonomic REDLINE Handles with unique one-hand operation latch offer maximum compound leverage performance and natural fit and feel.
Malco Redline Downspout Crimper
Malco Redline Downspout Crimper, 1-1/4 in W X 1-1/4 in D Jaw, Soft-Touch Non-Slip Grip
Our Price: $39.99

Produces a double crimp that downsizes without deforming down-spout; walls stay square for a tight fitting, leakproof connection. Tool also features rust resistant plating. Ergonomic REDLINE handles with unique one hand operation latch.
Redline S6R Hand Seamer
Redline S6R Hand Seamer, 6 in W X 1-1/4 in D Jaw, 8 in OAL, Forged Steel
Our Price: $69.99

Produce uniform, accurate bends in sheet steel and non-ferrous metals with greater control and efficiency. Jaws are drop forged, high impact steel. Hardened steel handles resist abuse; also minimize buckling and bowing of metal. Fewer strokes are required to bend and straighten angles. Designed for all the metal trades, including HVACR installation, roofing and siding applications and commercial building and remodeling. For bends in flashing, fascia corners. Jaw width is 6"; Jaw depth is 1-1/4".
Gecko SA903 Siding Gauge With 5/16 in Fiber Cement Siding
Gecko SA903 Siding Gauge With 5/16 in Fiber Cement Siding, 5 - 8 in L, Plastic
Our Price: $74.99

Used to install primed or pre-painted cement-board siding without lines on wall; gauges and supports siding for one person installation with virtually no layout time. Tool has a friction cam mechanism for holding power, non marring design, super tough and fits easily in tool bags. One unit is a pair of two Gecko Gauges, (sold as a pair)
Pactool SA90338 Gecko Gauge Siding Gauges
Pactool SA90338 Siding Gauge, For Use With 3/8 in T LP Siding Products, Green
Our Price: $77.99

Gauges and supports siding for one-person installation with virtually no layout time; friction-cam mechanism for holding power; won't scratch or mar pre-painted siding.
Pactool International SS211 Manual Fiber-Cement Shear
Pactool International SS211 Manual Fiber-Cement Shear
Our Price: $199.99

Blade design delivers clean, accurate cutting; dust free indoor/outdoor operation; for fiber cement products up to 5/16" thick.
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