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Nyco NL220-G4 Cleaner and Degreaser
Blaze 8 Hd Degreaser 128oz - Case of 4
Our Price: $54.99

Powerful and fast acting degreasing cleaner for the toughest cleaning jobs. Non flammable, this water based degreaser cuts through heavy build-ups and burned-on carbonized soils quickly for fast cleaning action. Special penetrants and conditioners remove grease, oils and other soils leaving surfaces thoroughly clean. Inhibitors prevent flash rusting on cleaned metal surfaces.
Nyco NL287-Q12S Degreaser
Hd-Force Spray&Wipe Degr 32Oz - Case of 12
Our Price: $69.99

Ready to use degreasing power to remove heavy deposits of oil, grease, grime, food soils and even burned on carbon deposits. Fresh citrus scent leaves a pleasant clean fragrance. Super strength formulation for superior performance when cleaning and degreasing. Ideal for use in industry, institutions, kitchens, garages, maintenance and repair operations. Easily penetrates, loosens, lifts and removes petroleum, and natural oils and greases. Can also be used to remove crayon, wax, adhesive stickers, engine grease, etc. Free rinsing. Use on machinery, stainless steel, kitchen appliances, barbeque and rotisserie ovens, engines, air ducts, etc.